Evolution of the Method of Dr. Feldenkrais

Dr. Moshé Feldenkrais often expressed his belief that the Method he created was the beginning. As a scientist, he understood that his Method needed to continue to evolve. Dr. Feldenkrais hoped and expected that his seminal work would continue to be developed by his students.

A number of Feldenkrais Practitioners have continued to develop and evolve his method, such as Anat Baniel, Ruthy Alon, and Eilat Almagor.

The Anat Baniel Method: Evolved from the Method of Dr. Feldenkrais

Anat Baniel works with Moshé Feldenkrais

Anat Baniel works with Moshé Feldenkrais

Anat Baniel was very young when she began working with Dr. Feldenkrais. Over the years, Dr. Feldenkrais was not only her teacher and mentor, he also became her very good friend. Baniel remembers how Dr. Feldenkrais always encouraged her to make sure to do the work in her own way, to further develop her own unique and independent approach. Read more about Anat Baniel and Moshé Feldenkrais.

This encouragement, along with many years of experience working with a wide variety of clients, both children and adults, is what led Anat Baniel to develop the Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement®.

Baniel defined the Nine Essentials that are required to drive powerful, positive brain change. Her work is world renowned for the outcomes it provides for children with special needs, reversing the symptoms of aging, brain based approach to fitness, pain relief, and helping musicians, dancers, and athletes achieve new levels of performance. Anat Baniel is the bestselling author of Move Into Life and Kids Beyond Limits. Learn more about the Anat Baniel Method.

Ruthy Alon Develops Bones for Life from the Method of Dr. Feldenkrais

Ruthy Alon creates Bones for Life

Ruthy Alon creates Bones for Life

Ruthy Alon attended Dr. Feldenkrais’ public weekly classes in 1959 in Tel Aviv, Israel. She then trained with Dr. Feldenkrais when he began training Feldenkrais Practitioners.

Alon went on to develop a program called Bones for Life, looking to help people’s bones stay strong throughout life, as well as improve balance.

Bones for Life is “based on the teachings of Moshé Feldenkrais for the re-education of movement habits.”

Learn more about Ruthy Alon at www.bonesforlife.com.

Eilat Almagor Continues Research on the Method of Dr. Feldenkrais

Eilat Almagor, PhD - Researcher & Feldenkrais Trainer

Eilat Almagor, PhD – Researcher & Trainer

Eilat Almagor—a scientist with PhD in NeuroPhysiology, a Masters in Environmental Studies, and a BS in Mathematics and Physics— trained first with Dr. Feldenkrais and then with Anat Baniel.

Through her work with Baniel, she focused much of her work on children and has gone on to train many teachers and practitioners in the Method of Dr. Feldenkrais.

Dr. Almagor is very interested in and committed to creating a deeper understanding of the work developed by Dr. Feldenkrais through her research.

Learn more about Eilat Almagor at www.restalittle.com.