Moshe Feldenkrais – His Work

“In a perfectly mature body, which has grown without great emotional disturbances, movements tend gradually to conform to the mechanical requirements of the surrounding world. The nervous system has evolved under the influence of these laws and is fitted to them. However, in our society we do, by the promise of great reward or intense punishment, so distort the even development of the system, that many acts become excluded or restricted. The result is that we have to provide special conditions for furthering adult maturation of many arrested functions. The majority of people have to be taught not only the special movements of our repertoire, but also to reform patterns of motions and attitudes that should never have been excluded or neglected.”

—Moshé Feldenkrais, Higher Judo

Moshe Feldenkrais teaches his method

Moshé Feldenkrais teaches his Method

The method of Dr. Feldenkrais provides us with an opportunity to use our capacity for self-awareness and self-correction to bring about greater comfort, efficiency, and satisfaction in our daily actions.

It is a scientific method that offers a direct means to realize the vast potential of the central nervous system. In a gentle and respectful way we discover increased freedom and greater scope in what we do, think, and feel.

Two Teaching Modalities

Dr. Feldenkrais developed two teaching modalities: Awareness Through Movement and Functional Integration.

Awareness Through Movement consists of hundreds of different movement lessons performed gently. These lessons are structured to evoke a gradual, safe, and systematic learning process. That which initially was impossible for the student to do becomes possible and pleasurable. Gentleness, awareness, and the vast richness of these movement lessons ensure that virtually everyone can benefit from this method.

Functional Integration (FI) consists of the practitioner gently guiding the movements of the student. FI lessons are custom tailored to the unique needs of each individual. Whereas it is an effective way of learning for everyone, this type of lesson is essential for those who are unable to follow verbal instructions (i.e., babies or severely injured individuals). It is also an effective way for rapid learning to overcome “blind spots,” which is extremely useful to high-performing individuals such as athletes and musicians.

The Method of Dr. Feldenkrais Helps Most Anyone

Dr. Feldenkrais’ method is beneficial for anyone who can use improved coordination and action.

Performing artists, professional and amateur athletes, people with skeletal and muscular discomfort, elderly citizens, children with developmental difficulties, professionals, and many others have already greatly benefited from the the method of Dr. Feldenkrais.

Moshe Feldenkrais teaching

Moshé Feldenkrais teaches his method to students