Self-Fulfillment Through Organic Learning

Dr. Feldenkrais presented this talk at the San Diego Mandala Conference in 1981.

The conference that year focused on holistic health and longevity. Mark Reese (1951-2006), part of the original group of students Dr. Feldenkrais trained in the United States, arranged for Dr. Feldenkrais to present at the conference and later edited the talk for publication.

“I usually don’t make it to conferences. I talk to people and I feel like talking to friends. As a lecturer, I’m not a lecturer. I just talk to people who would like to learn something. I’m not an ordinary teacher either, but a peculiar sort of teacher who is interested not in his teaching but in what people learn….”

Read Moshe Feldenkrais’ complete presentation here: Self-Fulfillment Through Organic Learning, edited by Mark Reese.

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